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Painting Is An Excellent Way To Transform The Look And Feel Of Your Home.  However, When It Comes To Selecting The Right Type Of Paint, Understanding The Differences Between Exterior And Interior Paint Is Crucial. Each Serves A Distinct Purpose And Possesses Unique Properties That Make Them Suitable For Specific Applications. In This Blog Post, We Will Delve Into The Differences Between These Two Types Of Paint, Helping You Make Informed Decisions For Your Painting Projects.

  • Composition:

The Composition Of Exterior And Interior Paint Is One Of The Primary Differences Between The Two. Exterior Paint Is Formulated To Withstand Harsh Outdoor Conditions, Including Fluctuating Temperatures, UV Rays, Moisture, And Other Environmental Elements. It Typically Contains Additives That Provide Resistance To Fading, Cracking, And Mildew Growth.  Using Exterior Paint On An Interior, Although Safe, Will Leave A Strong Odor That Will Linger For Up To A Couple Weeks.   We Recommend Using Dunn Edwards Evershield On Almost All Exterior Painting Projects.  It Is 100% Acrylic Paint That Will React Well With The Heat Of Arizona Summers.  When Using Evershield Julius Painters Offers A 5 Year Warranty On The Work And Dunn Edwards Offers A Limited Lifetime Warranty Ensuring Not Only A Good Even Coat But A Promise To The Homeowner That They Will Be Protected.   On The Other Hand, Interior Paint Is Designed For Indoor Use And Does Not Require The Same Level Of Durability. It Often Contains Lower Levels Of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) To Minimize Odor And Improve Indoor Air Quality.  Using An Interior Paint On The Exterior Will Result In Significant Loss Of Both Sheen And Color Quickly.  It Also Will Not Adhere Well To The Surface When Confronted With Harsh Weather.  We Recommend Dunn Edwards Suprema For All Of Our Interior Projects.  It Has The Same Warranties As The Evershield Paint.  We Use A Different Paint For Woodwork And Cabinets But We Will Get Into More Depth About That In Another Article.

  • Durability:

Due To Exposure To Various Weather Conditions, Exterior Paint Must Be Highly Durable And Long-Lasting. It Should Be Able To Withstand Rain, Snow, Extreme Temperatures, And UV Radiation Without Compromising Its Appearance Or Protective Qualities. Exterior Paint Is Often More Flexible Than Interior Paint, Allowing It To Expand And Contract With Temperature Changes. Interior Paint, On The Other Hand, Is Not Subjected To These Harsh Conditions And Therefore Does Not Require The Same Level Of Durability. It Is Formulated To Withstand Typical Wear And Tear, Such As Scuffs, Stains, And Cleaning.  It Is Important To Note That The Higher Quality Of Paint You Use The Easier It Will Be To Clean And Touch Up,  With Lower Grade Paints Using A Higher Gloss Will Help With This Problem.

  • Application:

The Application Process For Exterior And Interior Paint Also Differs Due To Their Varying Requirements. Exterior Paint Often Necessitates Additional Surface Preparation, Such As Power Washing, Sanding, And Priming, To Ensure Proper Adhesion And Protection. It May Also Require Specialized Tools And Techniques For Reaching Higher Surfaces Or Dealing With Uneven Textures. Interior Paint, On The Other Hand, Is Typically Applied To Smooth And Dry Surfaces, Requiring Less Extensive Preparation. It Can Be Applied Using Brushes, Rollers, Or Sprayers, Depending On The Desired Finish And Accessibility.  It Is Important That If You Are Tackling A Painting Project Yourself To Read The Label Of The Paint Can And Discuss With A Professional What Proper Tools And Processes Are Needed To Ensure A Nice, Properly Applied, Even Coat.  All Products Of Paint Will Have Specific Instructions Unique To That Product Of Paint.

Sherwin Williams A-100

This is a more cost effective exterior paint from Sherwin Williams. On the label itself you can see a 15 year warranty. always check with the manufacturer to see what the warranty on paint is.

  • Cost:

There Are Several Different Products Of Both Interior And Exterior Paint From A Number Of Different Manufacturers.  Most Companies Offer Products That Will Help Fit What You Are Looking To Get Done And What Budget You Have To Do It.  The Quality Of Paint, Like Most Products, Is Generally Reflected In The Price, So If You Have A Very Low Budget And Buy Cheap Paint, Just Know That It Will Not Last As Long As An Ultra Premium Grade Paint. You Can Always Talk To The Manufacturer Or To Us At 480-252-9750 Or Juliuspaintersllc@Gmail.Com And We Can Help You Get More Information On Any Product Of Paint And Find What Product Would Work Best For Your Project!


Understanding The Differences Between Exterior And Interior Paint Is Essential For Achieving The Best Results In Your Painting Projects. While Exterior Paint Focuses On Durability, Weather Resistance, And Enhancing Curb Appeal, Interior Paint Offers A Wider Range Of Colors, Finishes, And Sheens To Create The Desired Atmosphere Within Your Living Or Working Spaces. By Selecting The Right Type Of Paint For The Job, You Can Ensure A Successful And Long-Lasting Paint Job That Meets Your Specific Requirements. Remember To Always Contact A Professional If You Have Any Questions!

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